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EOTD: Sourpop





I really wanted to play with a few products I recently picked up today, so here are the results!

DSC01730 DSC01732 DSC01737

Products Used:

Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak (V)

Glamour Doll Eyes June 2013 OTM Flicker Pop!***(Center Lid)

Sugar Pill Tako (Inner Corner)

Starlooks Eyeshadow Disarray (Crease)

Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles Sour Blast (Outer Corner)

Mica Beauty Gel Eyeliner Black

Mary Kay Lash Love I ❤ Black

Starlooks Brow Compact (Dark Brown & Highlight colors)

I wanted to also throw in a picture on the lip color I chose to wear with this look.

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Honey

***If you are not a Glamour Doll Eyes OTM subsriber Sugarpill’s Afterparty is a matter version of this color



I have a very exciting Glamour Doll Eyes OTM post this month because I also have a mini GDE haul to share. This month, for some reason, the GDE website would not allow me to check out with the OTM for this month unless I had $12 in my cart. Because OTMs are very time sensitive I decided to just throw in a couple samples with my order.


We’ll start with my sample order. I picked one sample jar of a permanent color and a sample of the GDE primer. They were also generous enough to throw in two sample baggies of shadow as well.


The sample baggies I recieved are in the colors Island Chic and Picture Whore. Both are really beautiful colors that I happy to try out. I’m especially happy to try out Island Chic as it is something I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

DSC01676 DSC01678

The sample jar that I picked out is RoxxCandy. This is an icy, slivery blue that would be great for someone who wants to add a pop of color to neutral makeup. I personally just love blues.DSC01681 DSC01682

I also picked up a sample of their Control Freak primer. I chose to get the vegan version, since, for the most part, I prefer to use vegan makeup. I’ve been wanting to get this for a really long time, and I have to say, so far, it has not disappointed.

Now onto the actual OTM:

DSC01687 DSC01690

This month’s color is Flicker Pop! It is a bright blue with subtle shimmer. The card for this month says that this a customer created shade and was originally intended for July. But since they would be able to get it to people before the 4th, they decided to send it for June. I mentioned before that I love blues, and this one has to be one of the prettiest blue I have. Look out for an eye look featuring this color soon!

The Swatches


(left to right Flicker Pop and RoxxCandy swacthed over Glamour Doll Eyes Control Freak)

Both colors are just amazing and I have to say that although I have swore by The Balm’s Put A Lid On It eyeshadow primer for pigments, the GDE Control Freak is equally amazing. I do think, though, that if you were to have oily eyelids, this product may not work for you as it has a very slippery feel to it. But the way it grabs on to the pigments is amazing.

Birchbox June 2013


This month there has been a major revamp at the Birchbox offices. They’ve began to expand into new countries and redesigned their website and boxes. This is the first month after their makeover, but other than the new look, nothing much has changed, beneath it all, it’s just the same old Birchbox.


The first sample I noticed when I opened this month’s box was the Amika Nourishing Mask. And the reason it stood out so much to me is because I’ve gotten this before! I’ve worked it out with Birchbox (the rewarded me 100 pts, which is pretty much a refund) so it’s no big deal. I just wish it was something I liked better. I just didn’t find this to be a good enough to be a mask, it works better as a normal conditioner.


Next is something I’m pretty excited to see and it the Suki Face Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. I’m not super picky about face washes so I enjoy trying them out. I’ve never heard of this brand before so it’ll be nice to try something from them.


I wasn’t really sure what this next sample was when I first pulled it out. My first though was that it was a perfume, but upon consulting the info card, I found out that is really the Paul & Joe Beauté Moisturizing Foundation Primer. It’s such a cute bottle and the full size comes with a pump, which with its shape I can see being very helpful.DSC01656

I personally have always really loved the Yes To brand, so I’m excited to try out the Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Citrus. I go through lip balms like crazy so I like getting the subscription boxes like this because it prolongs the amount of time before I have to buy one myself. This lip balm has a very light scent is very moisturizing.


The last thing in this month’s box is a Color Club Professional Nail Lacquer in Pardon My French. As much as I dislike Color Club the majority of the time, this one is actually really nice. I found it to be very pigmented and apply smoothly, both being qualities I normally don’t associate with this brand. It also helps that I’ve been in a purple mood the past few months.


Starlooks May 2013


Time again for Starbox! This box, like the past few, is once again lacking some color, but their are some interesting products that are unlike anything else I have. I do wish they had something colorful though, because in this months look book, their was a lot of color. I still holding out that one month their will be a bold item.


The first product in this month’s box is a brow shader compact. This contains all the colors you could possibly need to color in your brows. These colors are less pigmented than the Starlooks eyeshadows, which helps to avoid an overdone look. The multiple colors in the palette make it so that you can mix & match to create the perfect color to match your brows. The card that came in this month’s box says that because of the light pigmentation of these colors, they are great for creating a smoking eye. I personally like the lightest color (an almost white) for a highlight.


One of my favorite things in this month’s box is this Luster pigment in Cinnamon Toss. I’ve made my love of pigments no secret, and I am always happy to try out a new one. I love to use this color in my crease. The holographic glitter in it creates an amazing sheen that is perfect for the crease. I also find that this pigment has great pigmentation and is easily blended. As I have found with most pigment, it works best with The Balm’s Put A Lid On It primer.

DSC01597 DSC01598

The last item in May’s box is a cream blush in Emphasis. I have really enjoyed the blush that was sent in the January box, so I was happy to see another one in this months box. In the pan, the color is really scary, however when applied, especially with a duo fiber brush, the color is very subtle and natural. I don’t currently have any other cream blushes and it makes me reconsider this type of product as a whole.

The Swatches


Top: Cinnamon Toss

Bottom: Emphasis

Ipsy May 2013


I was super excited for this month’s Ipsy bag because there were a lot of rumor floating around what they would be sending out. This was the first month that they really used the beauty quiz you take upon signing up. I personally am not really thrilled for what this means for the future of Ipsy. I have always really liked how everyone got almost exactly the same thing each month, as it causes less jealousy among other subscribers. Despite being wary of future bags, I did like almost everything I got this month.



Probably the item I was most excited for this month is a Zoya polish! Zoya is quickly becoming one of my favorite nail polish brands, and the funny thing is that most of the polishes I have from them came in subscription boxes! I love the color that I got, Neely. It beautiful cream mint green, that applies perfectly and is perfect for my recent mint kick. This color is apart of their permanent collection.


Next is something I’m a little hesitant to try. I got sent the Nume Finishing Serum, that claims to condition and seal. For some reason NuMe is just the kind of brand that I tend to avoid. I’ve tried a few of their products before and they were okay, but I don’t like most products that are made by companies mainly know for their tools. I feel like they are often over priced for what they are. But I do love hair products, so this will be used.


Something that goes great with the past GlamRx palette is this Yaby concealer in Buff. I don’t know how they did it based on my quiz, but this color is perfect for me, if not just a shade light. I’m currently in the middle of a few concealers, but once I finish a couple, I’ll be really excited to crack this open.


I’ve been getting a lot of things from Juice Beauty lately, but this Reflecting Gloss in Pink. I love the packaging and color of this gloss so much. Unfortunately, I can’t stand the smell of it. It’s a really powerful citrusy scent that seems slightly off. I found it so unbearable that I had to take it off. But if you can stand the smell, or even like it, it’s a great gloss otherwise.


Lastly, is another thing that I was excited to see in my bag. This is the St. Tropez Body Lotion. I’ve heard so many things about St. Tropez and have always wanted to try something from them. This lotion won’t stain the skin, so it can’t be used as a gradual tanner. Instead, it is used to give your skin a slight glow for one night, and once you shower it’ll be gone. I think this is a great way to try out a tanning line, because if it doesn’t look good you can just wash it off.

The Swatches


Juice Beauty Reflective Gloss in Pink


This is probably one of my favorite Birchboxs in a long time, and all because of one product. I always feel like spring in summer is the best time for subscription boxes because that’s when the send out products I actually am interested in. I will say right away though, really, Birchbox, a pen? If they had sent out anything other than a pen, this box would have been perfect! But I digress, on to the products.


The one sample that really made this box for me was the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle. I love any kind of hair product, especially one that will protect my hair. This spray can be used to detangle you hair and protect it from UV rays. I’ve used this a few times already and really like it. I find that it’s pretty comparable to the It’s A Ten spray, but they both do slightly different things. I also really like the bottle of this too. It’s a squish rubber material that fun to squeeze 🙂


Next is this itty bitty sample of Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40. This is a sunscreen that comes out as a “nude” color. It has the same kind of texture as a primer and doesn’t feel at all greasy when applied to the face. I very rarely remember to put on sunscreen, but if I were to force myself into the habit, I think this would be a great product to start with. It could very easily be mixed it with your regular primer or foundation for that extra protection.


Next is a sample that I’ve gotten many many times. I think LA Fresh just sends a huge amount of their products to every subscription service out there, because EVERYONE sends these out. I do kind of like getting these though because they’re great for traveling.



Next up is a full sized lip gloss from Cargo in the color Route 66. I’ve never tried anything from Cargo before, and I think this lip gloss is a pretty good introduction to the brand. I love the color I got, it’s a bright watermelon pink with a slight shimmer. I don’t find it to be terribly sticky and there is no strong scent to it either.

This is a full sized product retailing for $14


The last thins in the box is another Birchbox Find, which this month is a pen. I don’t quite understand why they think its a good idea to send out pens, but they thought it was. Below I wrote my name with, cause why not?


The Swatches


Cargo Lip Gloss in Route 66


I’m so excited about this month Glamour Doll Eyes OTM, because I almost didn’t get it! My 3-month subscription ended last month, meaning I had to be one of many fighting for  a spot this month. Lucky I was able to grab one, but only for this month. Next month I’ll try again for another 3-month.

The bag this months was very interesting. In the past they’ve sent little see through bags, but this month, it is made of a opaque vinyl material, keeping it’s contents a surprise. Along with my bag of goodies is a little box of Mike & Ike. It didn’t know this before, but I really like Mike & Ike, so I’m glad they were included this month. I always look forward to the candy in the OTMs.

This month was an extra month, meaning GDE sent out another product along with the monthly pigment. Since I’ve signed up, there have been two extra months, the first being in March.


The pigment this month is S&M. This is a requested color from GDE subscriber that the owner choose to make. Through out this year, GDE plans to incorporate a few pigments into the OTM that subscribers help create!

S&M is a dark, almost black, purple with …. glitter. This is a few shades darker than February’s Toxic Grape. I can see this color being great for the outer corner or a purple smokey eye. I’ve been on a huge purple kick lately, so now I have some more purple to play with!


The extra for this month is probably what I’m most excited for, because it is a sneak peek at a soon to be re-released product! They included a full size of blush from their new powder blush collection.


The color I got is Risky Business. It is a medium pink with very subtle golden shimmer. As much as I love blush, I have yet to ever use a loose pigment blush, so this will be unmarked territory for me. Inside the packaging, unlike the pigments, there is a sifter, which I have mixed feelings about, only because in general, I think sifters are more trouble than they’re worth. At the same time, I really how difficult it would be to use this blush, especially with how pigmented it is, without one.


DSC01487 DSC01489

Also included was two samples of an upcoming collection from Glamour Doll Eyes. These are from the Matte^2: Masculine. The card included promises for a Feminine line later in the year. The two colors I received were Arrogant and Courageous. Neither of these colors are true mattes. Arrogant is a matte dark hunter green with has a blue sheen to it. Courageous is a matte stone gray with a golden peachy glitter. I surprisingly really like both of these colors, but I would say that Courageous is the more wearable of the two.

After last month being a little lack luster for subscription boxes, this OTM has really made me excited for what’s to come this month.

The Swatches


Left to Right: S&M, Arrogant, Courageous (all over The Balm’s Put A Lid On It)


Powder Blush in Risky Business